DJ Josko | Bánkitó 2018

DJ Josko

Giorgio Gatti a.k.a. Josko has been collecting and playing records for more than two decades. Throughout his career he has developed a distinctive sonic repertoire, drawing on a hypnotic, deep, and academic take on electronic music. He does not confine himself to trends and musical categories – his emphasis is on feeling and depth, and the emotional potential of sound. His sets create a unique sonic patchwork, creating an eclectic combination of sounds to deliver a hypnotizing groove that moves the dancefloor – both physically and emotionally. His tripped-out and futuristic take on Dance music is informed by its Detroit roots, as well as Dub, Psychedelia, and even sci-fi sounds – all part of the technologically-minded culture that he grew up in. Josko’s approach to the DJ set, and the final result, are unique – he aims to go beyond the assemblage of different tracks to create a musical symbiosis – a sonic experience that goes beyond the sum of its parts, drawing on modern and early techno, contemporary and experimental downtempo beats, to snippets of speech and atmospheric soundtracks.

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