GYIK | Bánkitó Fesztivál

  • Where can I buy tickets to the festival?

    You can buy tickets to the festival online at, or at the entrance in limited quantities. Print tickets can be bought with cash from May. More info coming soon.

  • How can I get to Bánkitó?

    With Volán bus – Buses go from Újpest-Városkapu to Bánk.
    With train and bus – You can go from Budapest to Vác by train, then get a Volán bus to Bánk.
    With a car – If you’d like to come by car and you have free seats, please register for Oszkár telecar on their website and decrease your costs together with you ecological footprint!
    With a bike – It’s recommended that you take a train to Berkenye, then bike through Nőtincs and Felsőpetény all the way to Bánk.
    With Oszkár telecar – You can find someone to share a car with at

  • Where can I stay during the festival?

    You can camp in certain areas of the Bánk camping, at the nearby Nádas camping or at the quiet Alsópetény Festivalcamping. You can buy tent tickets to the Bánk camping are from

    You can find Nádas camping between the Lake stage and the Small meadow, right next to the Auróra stage, where you can go straight from party to tent and back. For more information, write to

    Alsópetény Fesztiválcamp is at peaceful and declivous Alsópetény with free buses commuting between the festival and the camping every 10 minutes. It is recommended for everyone who likes to sleep far away from loud music. We’ll start selling campsite passes to Alsópetény Fesztiválcamp in early May.

  • Can I pay with vouchers or other special cards for my ticket?

    Tixa only accepts OTP SZÉP cards.

  • I’m buying a ticket for someone else. Whose name should I write in the appropriate field?

    We are not checking tickets for the names of visitors at entrance so it does not matter whose name features on the receipt.

  • Do I have to buy tickets for my children?

    Anyone under 14 can visit the festival for free. Under 18, chilren must be accompanied by adults.

  • I haven’t received my ticket after purchase online. Who should I contact?

    In such cases, you should write to for help.

  • Which tickets allow me to enter on the 0th day of the festival?

    You can enter the festival on the 0th day with a 3-day pass or with a Thursday pass. The gates open on Wednesday at 12 o’clock.

  • What am I allowed to do if I have a tent ticket?

    In possession of one tent ticket, you can enter the area of the Bánk Camping with only one tent, but you can use your tent together with however many of your friends. Due to limited space, we are planning to give an award to the most well-utilized tent once again.
    The ticket gives you the right to camp at one tent area, it is payable only once and it is independent of the days spent at the festival. Since spaces are limited, tent tickets are limited in number and can only be bought online at

    At Nádas Camping, there is a separate fee for tents and a separate fee per person per night spent. You can ask about these at

    We will start selling ticket to Alsópetényi Festivalcamping from May. More info will be available soon.

  • How can I rent the log cabins inside the Bánk camping are?

    Unfortunately, log cabins are for contributors only and cannot be rented. Sometimes, cabins free up during the festival and those are usually advertised, but you shoudn’t count on it.

  • Are there buses going to nearby towns and back?

    There is a Festival bus going between Alsópetényi Festival camping and the Bánk camp. To other nearby towns, you can take a Volán bus.

  • Is there an ATM at the festival?

    Unfortunately, no. It is recommended that you arrive with enough case for your stay. The ATM closest to the festival is at Rétság, approximately 10 minutes by car from Bánkitó.

  • Where can I find my lost items?

    Every lost-and-found item can be found at the Bánk camp luggage storage.

  • Is there a tobacco shop? How long is it open?

    There is a tobacco shop in front of the Wellness Hotel, on the side of the main road. During the festival, there are special opening hours until midnight.

  • How can I volunteer at the festival?

    You can apply for volunteering opportunities from the end of April on. Every information can be found on the website. If you would like to get notified, write to us on Facebook chat and we’ll send you information when the application opens.

  • Can I bring my dog to the festival?

    Yes. If you are bringing your dog along, please have its vaccination book on you, and write your name and contact information on its collar in case it gets lost.

  • Can I bathe in Lake Bánk?

    You can only bathe in the lake at designated places. Near the Lake stage, it is prohibited by law. Please watch out for each other!

  • Where can I go in case of an accident, injury or other medical problems during the festival?

    The festival has a non-stop, 24/7 medical and ambulance service– you can find the doctors at the lakeside apartments near the Lake stage. The medical service provides medical and first-aid services to visitors of the Festival in accordance with relevant regulations.

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